Safety and Environmental Protection Issues on ships


Which seemingly contradict economics of shipping business, issues for safety and environmental protection have been one of the driving forces for the market growth with technology development of the market, which has been bringing state-of-art technologies into the industry.


From the company establishment in 2001, STI has been focusing on the product developments for the safety and environmental protection for ships. Each of the products has been results of our R&D efforts for several years. Following are some of such examples,


Safety related systems

  • Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)
  • Void space Gas Sampling System (for tankers)
  • Emergency Shutdown System (for LNG carriers and their derivatives)
  • FBG based temperature sensors and monitoring system (for LNG carriers)


Environment protection systems

  • SOx scrubber system for marine diesel engines
  • Bilge water separators


STI will, as we have done from the establishment in 2001, continue our efforts to keep clients satisfied and to continue to improve our products and services.


June 2016, STI