Project financing for SOx scrubber projects (11Aug2016)

Project decision about SOx scrubber installation to any shipping companies is not easy at all. Ship owners/operators should consider all aspects of technical, operational, and financial issues.


Among these, technical issues may be the easiest one as SOx scrubber manufacturers provide detailed project proposals including various technical issues. Project review from operational point of view have to do with fleet planning, voyage schedule, fuel price, and related operating costs. Ship owners may find the financial issue as the most difficult one because SOx scrubber projects requires big investment in the beginning. ROI of the SOx scrubber projects with STI is considerably short, but upfront investment is still a big burden to the client.


We learned that Korea Export and Import Bank ( offers “Export Facilitation Loan“, and SOx scrubber projects may?fit into the category. For those Ship owners/operators who are interested in the SOx scrubber project financing, STI can check?the possibilities and eligibilities about the project opportunities.


Any inquiries about the SOx Scrubber system inquiries, please contact STI at


10 August 2016


Join forces; SOx scrubber and Ballast Water Treatment System? (5Aug2016)

Combining SOx scrubber system andBallast water treatment system (BWTS) will benefit both systems.


SOx scrubber system uses seawater and discharges wastewater with decreased pH level. It is because MEPC puts pH criteria in the washwater, Section in MEPC 184(59).


For Ballast water treatment system (BWTS), low pH in the incoming seawater will help the system performance within the electrolysis.


Having some amount of washwater, of course PAH and turbidity should be controlled, stored onboard and mix with the ballast water to lower the pH value would be a way to improve the performance of BWTS.


Being able to have some storage capacity of washwater from SOx scrubber units can give a room to deal with sulfates in solid form, especially when operating in closed loop mode.


This is a preliminary idea to improve system performance and operability of SOx scrubber system and BWTS by combining them.


STI is looking for ways in this way.


Please feel free to contact STI for any questions about this issue.


Aug. 2016