Bunker price vs. ROI estimation for SOx scrubbers (30Jun2016)

Bunker price between high sulfur fuel and low sulfur fuel has been always significant.

  • Price difference was USD150 in Jan 2016, and is USD200 at the end of June 2016.
  • The ratio (=(LS-HS)/HS) was?100% when the price level the lowest in Jan 2016, and is 80% at the end of June 2016.


Whether the bunker price is low or high, price difference between HSF and LSF always exists. Installation of scrubber systems has been always an option for ship owners operating in SECA. The only difference is the Return of Investment (ROI) period that is set by the “Fuel Price Difference” and “Equipment/Installation/Maintenance Cost”.


SOx scrubber system from STI has always been a practical option for shipowners to stick to burning HSF in SECA while complying with the MEPC requirements, which has been due to the competitive equipment cost?and lower installation cost.


STI welcomes any inquiries for ROI estimation for ships operating fully or partially in SECA. STI can generate ROI estimation for specific ships when we are given with some information from shipping companies like,


  • Engine power (kW)
  • Time spent in SECA per year (hour)
  • Voyage time per year (hour)


Please feel free to contact STI for above inquiries as well as inquiries for scrubber systems in general. scrubber@simulationtech.co.kr


30 June 2016. STI

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