ROI estimation for SOx scrubber projects (10Jul2016)

As SOx scrubber installation and operation are costly projects requiring heavy investment, knowing what to spend and what to save. For this purpose, STI provides ROI (Return of Investment) estimation for the SOx scrubber installation project?for clients. There are some parameters to be given from the client. Following is the list,

  • Bunker price (especially the difference between LSF and HSF matters)
  • Annual fuel consumption (to be divided by the time spent within and outside of SECA)


Once above parameters are given, ?estimation for the scrubber sizing and related project cost can be made. From the sizing and system configuration, estimation of operating cost including consumables and additional power consumption can be made. For the general maintenance cost for the scrubber system, STI usually sets as 5% of the initial equipment cost, but this is purely superficial number that can clients can adjusted?based on the experience or company guidelines.


STI has generated lots of ROI estimations for various clients, and usual ROI is 1~2 years from installation. For some big ships, the ROI is less and ships with small engines has longer ROI period.


Please feel free to contact STI to get initial project estimation for SOx scrubber installation and operation on your fleet.


10 July 2016, STI

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