No more debate! IMO sets the Global Sulfur cap of 0.5% from 2020 (24 Nov. 2016)

After more than 10 years of discussions, International Maritime Organization (IMO) finally set the global sulfur cap of 0.5% to be in place from 2020, during its?Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), meeting for its 70th session in London during 27~28 Oct. 2016. (See the press release from IMO here.)

“Regulations for the Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships”, MARPOL Annex VI?adopted on 19 May 2005, which has been updated at later meetings. Regulation 14 of this guideline is about controlling SOx emission from marine diesel engines from 1)?All ships of 400 gross tonnage, 2)?Fixed or floating platforms (drilling rigs) and 3) Floating craft and submersibles.

The regulation 14 suggests the fuel is to be of ‘clean fuel’ with?low sulfur contents. As an alternative to using ‘clean fuel’, MEPC allows exhaust gas cleaning systems like ‘scrubbers’ to clean the emissions before the exhaust gas is release to atmosphere.

SOx scrubber systems from STI is a result of more than 10 years of development, onboard tests, and actual installations onboard ships. STI’s SOx scrubber system has?following features,

  • in-line system that can replace existing silencers,
  • dry/wet run without any provisions to switch the modes,
  • waste water treatment to comply with discharge water requirements,
  • compact design with low water consumption,
  • continuous emission monitoring system (Scheme B) as standard but Scheme A configuration is available
  • all-in-one control and monitoring system with independent emergency shutdown system
  • various configurations of open/close/hybrid operation as per requirements.

SOx scrubber system from STI is custom made for each project. STI is ready to provide technical and commercial proposals.

For any inquiries about the SOx Scrubber system inquiries, please contact STI at



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