Technical Note; Corrosion resistance of Stainless steel 316L as a scrubber material, STI-TN-20170818-2

This is a STI Technical note on the Corrosion resistance of 316L Stainless steel as a scrubber material,?STI TN Corrosion resistance of SUS316L 18Aug2017

In this technical note, we have shown the corrosion rate of SUS316L material in the presence of sulfuric acid as per the weight concentration in %. Expected annual corrosion of the scrubber body, when SUS316L is used, is ~0.03mpy, corresponding to?0.000762mm/year of corrosion speed.


The corrosion speed depends on the weight concentration of sulfuric acid during scrubber operation. STI has shown that it is in the range of ~10-4% of weight concentration of sulfuric acid, which is well below the concentration ranges where other types of stainless steel material like duplex, super duplex, etc.


As a summary, SUS316L is good enough to make marine SOx scrubber units considering the weight concentration of sulfuric acid (being very low) and the operation temperature of <100degC.?

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