Grease Extractor (GE)/Deoiler (DO)

LNG carriers started with a boiler-steam turbine propulsion system to utilize boil-off gas partly as fuel. The feed water (and then condensates) is maintained within a closed loop consisted of boiler, steam turbine, and other equipment. High pressure steam generated from the boiler unit is sent to the steam turbine and ‘used’ steam returns to the boiler unit in the form of condensate.


Some of the heat (IP bleeding steam) is sent to control the viscosity of fuel oil?and brought back to the condensate. Main flow of the condensate passes?through the main condenser and flows back to the boiler unit. As a part of the effort to keep the purity of the condensate returning to the boiler units, especially ‘oil contents’, two types of oil-water separator systems have been used.


  • DeOiler (DO) has been used to clean any oil contents from the fuel oil heating
  • Grease Extractor (GE) has been used to clean any oil contents from the main condensate stream


STI has been manufacturing and supplying both DO and GE to the industry from 2001. Both DO and GE are designed specifically for the?application as above.


Deoiler 1?De Oiler

IMG_5149?Grease Extractor


STI has been delivering Grease Extractor (GE) and DeOiler (DO) units to many LNG carriers since 2002. STI continuously provide replacement filter units to existing clients.


Following is the reference list of STI as of 31 December 2015.


For any inquiries about the GE/DO, please contact STI.

June 2016,?STI