Emergency Shutdown System for LNG carriers

Emergency shutdown (ESD) system on LNG carriers and/or their derivatives takes a vital role for the safety of the ships from fire, containment protection, and gas handling system protection. ESD system communicates with its counterpart onshore with several communication links to share information about ESD cases.

ESD System is a mandatory piece of equipment for ships carrying liquefied gas (like LNG or LPG) according to the guidelines from “International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk (IGC Code)” by IMO and?recommendations from SIGTTO by its guidelines. The guidelines from IGC and recommendations from SIGTTO have been evolved over years as per the development in the system design and emergence of derivatives of LNG carriers and Floating systems.

Derivatives from LNG carriers include the following and all these projects require an ESD system customized for the specific needs.

  • LNG carriers with steam turbine propulsion
  • LNG carriers with DFDE (Dual fuel diesel electric)?propulsion
  • LNG carriers with?re-liquefaction process
  • LNG RV (with?re-gassification process)
  • LNG FSRU (Floating, Storage, and Re-Gassification Unit)


According to the world LNG fleet database, there are (or have been built) 413 LNG carriers/derivatives until 2015. Number of LNG projects built between 2002 and 2015 is 282 and STI has delivered ESD systems to 178 LNG projects, which is 63% of world market share during the period. As STI is continuously conducting ESD system projects, the market share is expected to increase with time.

STI ESD System Project Refrence List (as of 11 Jan 2021)

STI ESD System Project Refrence List (as of 07 Jan 2016)


Introduction to the ESD system from STI (as of 20 May 2021)


ESD System is customized for each project. Following are some of the typical components consisting ESD systems.

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For any inquiries about ESD system for LNG/LPG carriers and their derivatives, please contact STI.


June 2016,?STI